Seizing the moment.
It’s a simple, straightforward approach, yet incredibly difficult to execute.

For Alexander Olave, seizing the moment isn’t just about making the most of the biggest opportunity that has come his way as a professional fighter. That moment comes Friday, July 28th when he makes his organizational debut at Lion Fight 37 in a featured main-card bout against Eric Rocha live on AXS TV Fights in the United States and on Fight Network throughout Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Grasping the proverbial brass ring has been Olave’s approach for quite some time outside the ring as well. For the most part, it has been his life story for the most part. When one chance at happiness or success has fallen by the wayside, Olave has found another path to venture down and things are now pointed in an upward direction.

“Personal development is everything. Who I am today is a product of my past experiences,” said Olave, whose first entry into Lion Fight takes place Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut.

“All the struggles we experience in life, all the hard times, they’re just chiseling at us to make us into something great. Without getting too much into detail, as a kid I grew up in a physically abusive environment with a mom lost in drugs and a dad who was always violent. Our house was raided for drugs. I wound up in foster care, moved out on my own at 16, and finding myself obese weighing 250 lbs. at 19 years old. And so the journey begins.

“The moral of the story, every negative experience in my life helped define me into the fighter I am today. I can experience nothing worse in the ring then what life has already thrown at me. Regardless of your circumstances, everything happens for a reason. You have to trust and believe in yourself and your visions, and manifest your dreams into reality. If I can do it you can do it.”

Professional combat sports have given the 25-year-old the right kind of outlet to express himself. Unlike his initial foray into mixed martial arts, Olave’s Muay Thai venture has given him a greater opportunity to follow his new path and ultimately wind up at Lion Fight’s door.

“This is huge. This is the platform to change my life, change my family’s life,” said Olave.

“I’m more confident this will be a successful performance. I’ve manifested this moment, this dream come true, for as long as I can remember. Now it’s time to bring this manifestation to fruition. Lion Fight is one of the largest and most prestigious platforms in the world of Muay Thai. I’m ready to shock the world and showcase my Muay Thai against the world’s greatest fighters.”
Olave expects to have an all-out, toe-to-toe tussle against Rocha, a Canadian who will also be making his promotional debut. Before landing in Fairfax, Virginia, Olave captured four knockout wins while blossoming his Muay Thai skills in Thailand.

Whether it comes down to a battle of skill or will, Olave feels well-prepared to face the biggest test of his career to date.

“We’re all fighters with different skill sets. We’re all coming to fight,” said Olave, who dubbed himself a “technical brawler.”

“I love wars. They draw the warrior spirit and character out of fighters. So many fighters focus on the technical and physical aspects of camp, but neglect their mental well-being. Without mental clarity, you can be the best fighter in the world, but if you show up on fight night and can’t flip that switch, your talent is useless.

“At the pro level, everyone’s tough. We wouldn’t be here fighting as a profession if we didn’t possess the heart to do so. However, this game isn’t only about heart and guts. It’s about smarts. It’s about your fight IQ. I am a movement-based fighter. Every step, every turn, every move has a purpose. I’m calculating several steps ahead of my opponent. This way they have no choice but to walk into my traps.”

Lion Fight 37 is topped by a pair of title fights including the main event which will see two-division kingpin “Smokin” Jo Nattawut put his super welterweight title on the line against legendary 400-fight Thai combatant Petchtanong Banchamek. The other title fight will crown a new cruiserweight champion as undefeated rivals Chip “The Surgeon” Moraza-Pollard against Paul “The Reaper” Banasiak.

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Lion Fight 37 airs live on AXS TV Fights and Fight Network beginning at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT.